DPSC - Victory of the Immaculate Heart of Mary Society
Lead your diocese by joining the new DPSC major giving society!





You can become an inaugural member in the "Victory of the Immaculate Heart of Mary Society," a new DPSC major giving society founded to honor people like you, our most extraordinary supporters.  (Your parish will get credit for Giving Society contributions as well, just like a normal DPSC gift.)

Levels of giving are denoted by Chapters, with each Chapter titled after the most exalted choirs of angels, and each with its own benefits: 

$1,000+:  “Dominions Chapter”

  • Members will be invited to private spiritual and social events, Masses for their intentions, and personal letters from the Bishop through the year.

$2,500+:  “Thrones Chapter”

  • In addition to the benefits above, members at this level will enjoy private, hosted ministry visits to see their contributions in action.

$5,000+: “Cherubim Chapter”

  • In addition to all the benefits above, members at this level will be invited to an annual private event with the Bishop.

$10,000+: “Seraphim Chapter”

  • Members at this highest level will receive all the benefits above, and will enjoy dinner hosted by the Bishop in his home.

Thank you for supporting your parish and your Church, and may God bless you for your generosity!

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For the DPSC, the parish you select here will get credit for your gift. For all funds, your parish name also helps us accurately link your gift to your unique record in our system.




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